One of the best ways to make your wedding feel unique and intimate at any size is to write your own vows. Think about it: There couldn’t possibly be a better moment to tell your beloved exactly what’s in your heart, or a more perfect occasion to publicly declare why the man or woman standing opposite you is “the one.” Your nuptials will be even more memorable if you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We guarantee it.

“Okay,” you may be saying, “I’m  sold on the concept — but I have no idea how to organize my thoughts and put my feelings on paper.” Well, don’t sweat it, because we’ve found a great resource to help you through the process.

The Martha Stewart Weddings website has a slideshow up called “8 Tips for Acing Your Wedding Vows” that all but ensures your success if you follow their simple, helpful hints. Here’s one of the tips to get you started:

“The first step is to excavate your own heart,” advises the Rev. Judith Johnson, author of “The Wedding Ceremony Planner.” She recommends sitting quietly with a blank sheet of paper and asking yourself questions such as, “Why have I chosen this person to be my partner? What do I love most about him or her?” Take time to really think about the answers, and translate them into a vow.

To read the rest of MSW’s excellent suggestions, click HERE.

If you’re still a little overwhelmed by the idea, just keep repeating this line from the site like it’s a mantra: “Expressing your love on paper may seem daunting, but it’s easier than you’d think.” Plus, we have to mention, so very worth it.

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