It happens all the time. The bride-to-be finds a gorgeous designer wedding dress on the rack and is sure it’s “the one.” Once she tries it on, however, what she sees in the mirror is a total disappointment. What happened? The dress is stunning in every way, so why does it look so unflattering?

In many cases, the answer is simply that the dress isn’t a good match for the bride’s body type. Even when a woman and a dress are beautiful in their own right, they might not be particularly good together. Here are three dress styles to consider based on the bride’s height.

Empire Waist for petite brides: Lengthen your body with an empire waist. Because these gowns gather under the bust, they help to create the illusion of a more elongated frame. In addition to the high waistline, look for a wedding dress with a long, flowing skirt. Just be sure that it will still allow for movement as you float down the aisle. You will probably want to avoid wearing a ball gown.

Ball Gown for tall brides: Pull some of the attention from your height by balancing it with width. Go for a ballerina or ball gown style. The low waist and full skirt of these styles will break up your bottom half and make you appear shorter and more proportional. Wearing an empire waist dress is probably a non-starter for you.

A-line for everybody: The A-line style is generally considered a flattering option for brides who are tall or short. Of course, you will still have to search with a critical eye to find one that has just the right proportions for your body. Professional alterations can also be a crucial part of the process of perfecting a dress for your body.

Here at New York Bride, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find the perfect wedding dress. Come in anytime, no appointment needed, and let us assist you. We will accept nothing less than your gown looking as amazing on you as it does on the hanger.