Your bridal look is complete! You’ve found the wedding dress of your dreams at New York Bride. The design is exquisite, the cut and construction are perfect and the embellishments are gorgeous. Once our in-house seamstresses complete the alterations to your wedding dress the fit will be heavenly too. The New York Bride accessories you’ve chosen finish the look from head to toe. You’re done.

Now it’s time to turn your attention to your bridesmaids’ attire. The good news is you don’t even have to leave the store to browse the finest selection of bridesmaid dresses in the area. They’re just a few yards away in our bridesmaid department, where we feature lines from a dozen of the most sought after designers in the industry.

If you find yourself uncertain about what you’re looking for, a few tips might help you focus your search. We found a concise and informative feature that offers a few key tips to aid you in your search. Here’s an excerpt from the opening paragraph of writer Elizabeth Passarella’s piece.

You probably have the dress; now it’s time to find their dresses—the ones your bridesmaids will wear. Almost every bride has uttered the famous phrase, “They can wear them again!” but, truth be told, most maids don’t. So while that’s a lovely idea to keep in mind, it shouldn’t be your number one priority. Instead, focus on these things….

The feature then identifies five things to keep in mind for choosing the right dress for your maids. You can read the full article HERE. We think you’ll find it helpful.

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