Life took a complete turn around last year because of COVID-19. This had an effect on how we do everything, including weddings. If not to be fashionable, you may want to pay attention to what’s trending due to health reasons. Moreover, some trends that came up in 2020 because of the crisis are likely to persist even without a pandemic. Find out which trends you can expect to see in 2021 and beyond.

Non-Traditional Days

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In the past, the perfect days to hold wedding celebrations were on the weekends. However, with the restrictions on gatherings, even weekdays have become a viable option, alongside live streaming services.

At this point, vendors and venues have slim availability for 2021. A weekday wedding may allow a couple to get married at their dream venue and hire their preferred vendors. Not to mention: There are often cost benefits with a weekday wedding—and it’s also an opportunity to support the professionals in this industry, who have been hard hit by the pandemic. Read more at Brides

These are the days of thinking outside the box. Better still, they are the times to think without the box.

More Guests, Lower Budget

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With last year’s travel restrictions, online weddings became the order of the day. This is one of the trends that is likely to continue into the coming years. After all, you get to have more guests at no extra cost.

Broadcasting wedding ceremonies has become more popular as couples look for ways to share their special day with faraway friends and family — and Bruns suspects livestreaming is set to become a common part of 2021 weddings.

“As technology improves, more couples will opt to add a livestream component to their wedding for those guests that can’t travel,” said Bruns…

“DIY wedding flowers, invitations, and even wedding cakes have increased in popularity and will likely continue to be popular throughout 2021,” said McCord Jones.

Saving money on potentially pricey furnishings can allow a couple to allocate funds to honeymoon travel, a home or vehicle down payment, or an additional wedding service like videography. Read more at Insider

More Time To Celebrate

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With the possibility of smaller numbers, there comes the ability to prolong the celebrative mood.

The brand new wedding trend of 2021 has to be ‘wed now party later’. Fueled by event restrictions this modern concept will have couples saying their vows to become husband and wife pretty soon then holding a date in the future to party away with larger groups of family and friends.

A trend consistently growing has to be extended wedding celebrations, I mean let’s be honest who wants to enjoy their wedding across a day when they could opt for a long weekend or even a week!

Small gatherings set over longer periods are increasingly becoming the go-to for many couples and we certainly don’t see this slowing down into 2021 and beyond. With intimate weddings on the increase couples will look for extra ways to impress and spoil their smaller guest list and what better way than celebrating for longer. Read more at Wedinspire

For a once-in-a-lifetime event like your wedding, you deserve enough time to create lasting memories. Don’t miss the opportunity!

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