There is probably that one wedding you attended that was wonderful. In fact, if it was possible you’d attend it again. Then, there is that other wedding — the one where you were constantly looking at your wristwatch. In the latter, it felt like time was dragging on, while the former ended too soon. We’re going to venture a guess that one of the major differences between the two was the wedding entertainment.

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With good entertainment, guests are likely to stay it out to the end of the wedding reception. The opposite is true, and they might be longing to leave.

Wedding entertainment is a great way to celebrate holy union with friends, family and guests. It creates a perfect ambience for your party or wedding and sets the mood or tone for the day. Wedding entertainment creates a stimulating and visual source of enjoyment for each guest. It encourages even those who don’t love dancing to enjoy a great moment. Entertainment offers something for everyone through its mild wedding theme music and ceremonial dance steps…

Great entertainment gets guests out of their seats…Read more at Feeds Day…

You may be concerned if most of your buddies are introverted. However, keeping them in the best mood throughout the event is possible when you choose your entertainment well.

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One of the key elements of your wedding entertainment package should be the DJ, so you want to choose the best available one.

The most important part of your reception starts before you enter the reception venue, and continues until the very end… that’s your DJ!

DJs don’t just show up and play music for 4 hours. Your DJ will spend many hours prior to your special day; preparing your music, organizing a schedule, coordinating your special songs with you, putting together your introduction list, testing the discs, packing equipment, loading equipment, unloading equipment, setting up the system, and straightening up their area, all before your reception even starts.

Your cake cutting ceremony may last as long as 5 minutes, the food you choose could last as long as an hour, your dress, flowers, and table decorations will be beautiful. All of these things will create your ambiance, but they won’t entertain your guests! Read more at Wedding Vibe…

Remember that wedding where you were anxiously waiting for the end? There probably wasn’t the kind of great good music or other forms of entertainment that would have captured your attention.

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At weddings, emcees do a lot more than guide the program. So, instead of leaving your emcee with a huge task, how about providing some creative options for your guests to enjoy?

Create Opportunities to Gather and Socialize

Capture the scene and squeeze everyone into a group photo—which is impossible to manage with a much larger group. And for fun, poll the crowd during the reception for first anniversary ideas and tips for blissful married life.

Elsewhere during the wedding festivities, set up a lounge area or fire pit for everyone to gather around. Opt for an unusual “guest book” for guests to sign, like asking them to film a message with a tablet or old smartphone; sign a block from a Jenga game; float a few Polaroid cameras for guests to snap at-will for a visual guest book; or have them sign a giant globe or map. Read more at My Domaine…

This is the perfect way to make a small wedding worth every minute. Your quiet buddies will also enjoy the personal touch your day will provide.

As always, no matter what goes into your planning, your wedding gown must be exactly what you wanted. Get a dress that is comfy and will allow you to dance as much as you’d like. At New York Bride & Co. of Syracuse, you’ll find the dress of your dreams. Our designer wedding dresses are unbelievably affordable.  Call us today to make an appointment.