Wedding dress shopping in Syracuse, New York is among the most exciting and inspiring of the prior-to-ceremony bridal activities. Looking at your reflection in the perfect wedding gown for the very first time is marvelous. The entire process, from planning to purchase, is more likely to be genial and gratifying if you do your homework.

Now you’re wondering, what’s the homework? It’s reading through the following six things that should be considered and settled before you set foot out the door. After you’ve mulled over the suggestions and made the decisions necessary, you’re set to head over to New York Bride of Syracuse and go for it!

Let’s begin…

1. Determine your budget before you start your wedding dress pursuit. Once you’re actively shopping, inform the shopping consultant of your price range up front. It will make the experience simpler and more enjoyable to look at dresses you know you can afford. Don’t worry that you won’t find a stunning dress without paying through the nose. New York Bride carries fabulous gowns in a range of price points.

2. Have the date and place of your wedding secured before you begin shopping. These points are critically important for choosing a dress that’s apropos for your event. The right dress for a June ocean-side ceremony will be nothing like one that’s ideal for a big church wedding in November.

3. Like they say, you don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen. Limit your shopping group to a few close friends and family. A little feedback is fine when you’re trying on dresses, but too much can easily become counterproductive. This is about finding your dress for your wedding. When there are clashing opinions within your party, remember that in the end, yours is the only one that truly counts.

4. Let the consultant know what you find appealing and unappealing about the dresses you’re being shown. Don’t worry about being seen as a raging bride — just keep this rule of thumb in mind: “say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean.” You will not offend anyone’s sensibilities by being truthful. Actually, you’ll make the process better for all involved.

5. Try on wedding dresses you hadn’t previously thought about wearing. There are no rules and you are not under any obligation so explore your options. Even the dresses that don’t appeal to you could have qualities or enhancements that, once you’ve seen them on you, are worth looking for in other styles.

6. Don’t let the voice in your head talk you into making the quest for the ideal dress a grueling chore. Consider this: you know what you like and you know what looks good on you. It’s completely possible for you to discover “the one” on your initial trip to New York Bride. There’s no reason to make yourself go to every dress shop in the far-reaches just because you believe this search has to be difficult. It honestly doesn’t need to be. Trust your instincts; your heart will tell you when you’ve got the right one.

Well, that’s it; you are good to go. Don’t forget that you never need an appointment to shop at New York Bride of Syracuse. Our staff is ready when you are. We’ll see you soon!