Selecting the perfect wedding dress can be a daunting experience. Having a wide range of options is a good thing, but it can start to feel confusing and a little overwhelming. One way to simplify your dress shopping is to focus on a single, key design element and use it as a baseline for evaluation. For instance, in this post we’re taking a closer look at wedding dresses based on length. Are you more interested in a long wedding dress or a short one? If you’re unsure, we’ll address some of the factors that typically determine dress length to see which is better for your special day.

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There are several determinants to the type of dress length you choose. You can go through these considerations as you make your decision.

A basic rule is that the dress length can be chosen according to the fomality of your wedding ceremony.

If your wedding is to be very traditional and formal, then a floor-length dress is the perfect match.

Are you planning on having a more unconventional and informal wedding, a shorter dress might also be your dream.

If you are planning a romantic garden wedding, it might also be a good idea for practical reasons, to choose a shorter wedding dress style.

But it is also very important for you to consider if you yourself feel more at ease in a short dress than a long one (or the other way round).

How do you dress normally. ?
What is your personal style. Read more at Lilly

Many brides often forget to take into consideration their personal style. Don’t fall into that trap. If short dresses make you look pretty, go for it. Even so, it is also wise to consider the kind of ceremony you are going to have.

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As you make your choice, also keep in mind that the fabric can be a dealbreaker. If you choose a short dress, for instance, the fabric shouldn’t irritate your legs.

The fabric choice of your wedding dress dictates the tone, style, type, and season of your wedding dress. Different fabrics have their own dressing guide as well have their own individual look and feel. Meaning that the same style of a wedding dress can be quite different in another fabric since each fabric has its own distinct characteristics on how it looks and feels e.g. some are clingier to the body, others provide more structure; others reflect more light and others do exactly the opposite. Not to forget your comfort level of wearing that particular texture and drape of the fabric. You need to feel comfortable wearing it otherwise your discomfort will shine through on your wedding day. Read more at Joy of Clothes

Your comfort should play a big role in your ultimate decision about your wedding dress. The fabric should, therefore, correspond to the length and style you prefer.

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Whether you choose a short or long wedding dress (or a high-low one, wink wink), your shoes are an important part of the picture. Here are some tips on shoes based on the wedding dress length options:

1. Think Statement Shoes for Short Wedding Dresses
When it comes to a tea-length wedding dress, you can go all out with your wedding shoes because they’re really going to be seen. “Short or tea-length gowns are a great opportunity to show off your individual shoe style,” says Gegeckas. “If you’re more daring, try a print or color. If your style is a little more retro, look for a pointy-toe pump or a pair of kitten heels with coordinating accessories like short gloves or a fascinator.”

2. Incorporate Special Details Into Wedding Shoes for an A-Line Dress or Ball Gown
“A voluminous skirt on an A-line or ball gown might mean your shoes won’t be visible to your guests, but you can still wear something that is extra special to you. If your gown has lace detail or pearls, you may want to incorporate that look into your shoes,” suggests Gegeckas. Read more at Brides

Between the tips presented here and the professional insights of our seasoned bridal consultants, arriving at the ideal choice for your wedding dress will be a much simpler process.

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