Once the major items are crossed off of your list, it is time to tackle the accessory department. Most brides just assume they will wear a veil until they start trying them on and then some find they don’t really work for them. You may have pictured yourself wearing a traditional veil — much to your Mother and Grandmother’s delight — only to find your reflection less than pleasing when you actually start trying them on.

Thankfully, brides today have a myriad of gorgeous choices when it comes to headpieces and more unique ways to accessorize. As always, we’ve got you covered here at New York Bride & Co. Let’s take a closer look at some options.

Find the Right Length

To find the perfect match for your wedding style, start by considering length. Test out a variety of options when you go for your first dress fitting to see what length works best with your gown. That means finding a style that complements your overall silhouette—you don’t want your veil to break up the flow of your look. Designers will often make veils tailored specifically for their dresses, so you can use these as a starting point. Shorter veils, like bandeaus, birdcages and blushers, tend to lend a bit more personality as well as an informal or retro edge to your look, while longer veils (ballet, chapel and cathedral styles) lean more in the way of tradition and formality (but are also the most universally flattering). If you can’t find one that you love, you can always go the custom route. Many companies will create a veil to your specifications, from the length to the color and the kind of embellishments. Read more at The Knot

The Birdcage or Blusher Option

This face framing option is typically composed of netting and layers of tulle. Meant to be sophisticated and freeing; no bride will have to worry about tripping with this shorter option. If channelling your inner Jackie O is the style silhouette you wish for your big day, try some of these options on.

The following tips are helpful for navigating the multitude of veil and headpiece options:

A Heavily Embellished Gown
If you have your heart set on a heavily beaded or embellished dress, you can go one of two ways with your veil. For the princess-y bride who loves herself some sparkle, a classic, raw edge cathedral veil with scattered Swarovski that will ‘twinkle’ as you walk down the aisle is absolutely stunning, says Carla Imbriano, lead designer at Boutique de Voile. Another fitting option she suggests: “A veil with minimal matching beadwork along the edge.”

A Simple-But-Stunning Dress
If a bride has a simple dress and wants to amp up the drama without any embellishments, an angel cut veil trimmed in satin, horsehair or organza is always a good choice, notes Kleinfeld Fashion Director Terry Hall. “It will frame the face of the bride beautifully, and when it cascades down, you’ll see a spiral of fabric on the edge that gives you that dramatic look and feel.” A veil with touches of light lace is also very elegant styled with a simple dress, says bridal stylist and wedding expert Renée Strauss.

A Dress with a Statement Back
A breathtaking ornate or sheer illusion lace back is a popular trend. To show off your backside, Imbriano recommends a special custom cut cathedral without any accents (beadwork or crystals) in the body of the veil. Think sheer and chic and remember to steer clear of multiple layers of fabric. More details at Brides.com

Headpieces and Clips

new york bride co syracuse wedding dress bridesmaid accessories veilNot every bride adores traditional veils; no matter what their length. If you want to add some glitz and keep your hair in place at the same time, non-traditional head pieces can look ultra feminine and seductive. Wear on the middle of your head, off to one side, across your forehead or centered at the back of the nape of your neck. Experiment with your style well in advance and bring all accessories to your hair consultation to maximize options and minimize stress!


Let Your Gown and Your Personality Shine

The best thing you can do is remain open minded. Try everything from floor sweeping cathedral lengths to shorter styles. New York Bride and Groom Syracuse offers an exquisite selection of vendors who specialize in the finest accessories. Our experienced staff is always happy to make recommendations if you need some inspiration. Remember, “inspired designs and popular pricing” doesn’t just apply to our wide selection of designer wedding gowns. It holds true for every item we carry. So, stop by the salon at your convenience to browse — no appointment needed.