Wearing the perfect wedding dress and throwing a wedding celebration that will reflect your individuality and have everyone recalling it fondly for years are two of the main goals every bride strives for. The first wish can be fulfilled by visiting New York Bride, where you’re sure to find the designer wedding dress of your dreams. The good news is that the second desire can be achieved as extravagantly or as DIY as you like, so it’s fairly simple too! All you need is a little inspiration. So, sit down with your fiance, lock down your budget and your theme and then put your thinking caps on. Here are a few suggestions that you can use, adapt or simply get inspired by.

Customized aisle runners

Whether you are getting married in a church or outside in the backyard, you will most likely still have a space designated as the aisle. Consider personalizing this sacred pathway. After all, it is pretty significant: you walk down the aisle single and come back officially married.

Decorate the aisle with beautiful flower balls or candle holders attached to free-standing bird feeders/shepherd hooks, or outline the perimeter with white LED lights wrapped around branches rooted in flower pots. Remember to take toddlers and elderly guests into consideration so you don’t inadvertently create any tripping hazards.

Country chic

If formal isn’t your style and you yearn for simplicity, incorporating a country chic theme into your wedding ceremony can be a simple and easy way to personalize. Fresh cut flowers, for example, in plain or embellished Mason jars can add some color and charm to any space. Use them along the aisle as a floor runner, on the tables as part of your centerpieces, and you can add a few of these homemade vases around your cake table and head table as well.

Group pics

Incorporating a group picture into your wedding is a great way to interact with all of your guests and create a once-in-a-lifetime keepsake photo. You can send these out later as your thank you cards. Speak with your photographer ahead of time to share what you want to do and decide how it will be organized. Think outside the box. Maybe you want everyone to stand in a heart formation so an aerial photo can be taken from a nearby upper floor window? Or, maybe you want your guests to spell you and your new spouse’s initials. Whatever you can dream up, go for it.

Individual pics

More couples are choosing to have a picture snapped with every guest instead of having a traditional receiving line. This is a fun way to have a quick visit with each guest and share well-wishes. The big day is often so busy that it can be difficult to have time to personally visit with each person. This helps to facilitate that and results in a treasure trove of awesome photos.

Sand pouring

Why not create a keepsake piece for your home during your wedding ceremony? You and your fiance should each pick a colored sand that you love and a vessel to combine the sand into. During the ceremony, pour the colored sand from your individual vessels into the new one that you have selected. This is a wonderful symbol of the two of you becoming one. After the ceremony, use candle wax to seal the vessel so the sand stays in place. Voila, wedding art!

Wedding guest thumbprint heart

A unique way to have your family and guests help you create a one-of-a-kind wedding day keepsake is to have a thumbprint heart that everyone contributes to as they walk into the ceremony space or enter the reception area.

Trace a large heart outline onto a piece of posterboard and place it on an easel,  hang it on the wall or lay it flat on a table — just make sure that it’s in a place everyone will pass by. Have several ink pads available that are saturated with water soluble red ink. Station someone nearby to explain that everyone is asked to leave their red thumbprint somewhere on the heart. Make sure that you and your fiancé, the wedding party and close family members are done ahead of time for visual inspiration. Be sure to keep boxes of wet wipes on-hand for easy clean-up and have a receptacle to discard the wipes into. At some point after the wedding, you can have your thumbprint heart professionally framed to create an unforgettable keepsake.

Remember, these are just a few simple ideas to get your juices flowing. There’s an endless number of things you can do to make your wedding unique, so let your imagination run wild. And, when you’re ready to find your ideal wedding dress, don’t give it a second thought. Come to New York Bride and find the dress of your dreams. We look forward to seeing you soon.