First things first, you are a beautiful masterpiece and you deserve to look great on your special day! You don’t need to wish for that perfect hourglass shape anymore! Your wedding dress shouldn’t even make you feel worked up. You may be tempted to feel that way but relax, that’s why we are here- to walk you through that journey of becoming the most beautiful curvy bride in town. Let’s get started!

Ask For Your Dream Dress


Yes! You don’t have to “settle” for just about anything because you are curvy. No. Do you have a favorite style? Go ahead and ask for it. Don’t feel less deserving.

Seriously, don’t be afraid to ask for the dress of your dreams. There are many non-traditional ways to obtain the perfect dress. If budget is a barrier, consider renting your gown. Laine London (carries up to size 28) is a bridal rental shop in Atlanta that provides you with that high-end, luxurious bridal shopping experience at a more affordable price. Take time to research if there are rental options near you.

Another way to get a dress that you coveted on another bride? Simply ask them if you can buy it from them! Kat Eves had this very thing happen to her. “The smartest bride I ever met was the one who reached out to me via Instagram to ask if she could buy my wedding gown from me. It might seem like a bold move, but, as it turned out, I had a near carbon copy of my gown that was just sitting in the closet, and I was all too happy to gift it to her,” Eves says. It’s worth a try, but don’t go about it expecting a yes, or getting upset if it’s a no. Read more at Brides

Ignore Your Weight and That Dress Size

Stella-York plus size wedding dresses

Yep! Don’t feel the need to lose some weight just to fit into a particular wedding gown size. Wedding dresses have different sizes and so don’t be put off by that number. Does it fit you well? That’s all that matters!

Bridal gowns don’t use the same sizing as regular clothing. Brides aren’t always aware of this, and when they hear the size of wedding dress they need, it can be shocking. It is important—especially for plus-size brides—to ignore the number on the tag. Focus on the overall look and fit of the gown instead. If you put on a dress and feel like a celebrity, it doesn’t matter what the tag says anyway…

Losing weight before the big day is something that many brides strive for, but we have seen too many brides who wait too long to go dress shopping because they are trying to lose weight before the wedding. We recommend shopping at least eight months prior to your wedding day to ensure that your dress can be made and shipped to the salon in time for alterations… Read more at Savvy Bridal Boutique

Styles To Consider


There are some amazing wedding dress designs you could check out. They may not be at the top of your list but if you are open, consider these ones:

Dresses With Sleeves For Curvy Brides

Long-sleeved wedding dresses plus size are very much in demand as they create a sense of harmony and perfection. These fabulous plus size gowns with long sleeves are ideal for a winter or outdoor wedding when the temperature is colder than normal.

Bohemian Plus-Size Wedding Dresses

Planning a garden or country wedding? A Boho-chic plus size gown with soft, delicate lace is the epitome of romance. They are also ideal for plus size destination beach wedding dresses for an ethereal, beach vibe.

Romantic Bridal Gowns For Full Figured

If you have been yearning for romantic plus size wedding gowns for your wedding day, you will look elegant and graceful in one of these splendid gowns! These gowns are timeless and will flatter any full-figured bride! Read more at Wedding Forward

If you’ve been searching for the bridal salon that’ll offer you the best plus-size wedding gowns in Syracuse, we have good news! New York Bride & Co. of Syracuse is the ultimate place to visit. Our passion for excellence is evident in our selection of designer wedding gowns for the full-figured bride. Go ahead and book an appointment with us. We’ll be glad to help you find the perfect gown for your special day!