In many cases, plus-size brides-to-be don’t know where to start when it comes to looking for a wedding dress. They often aren’t sure what will work for their particular body shape — or they worry that nothing will. Knowing this, we were delighted to discover this informative TLC blog post that opines on the five best silhouettes and fabric choices for plus-size wedding dresses.

Bear in mind that no single dress style looks good on every person, so if you’re a plus-size beauty, just consider this list of silhouettes/fabrics a beginners guide when you’re starting the selection process.

Here are writer Gallagher Flinn’s choices: #5) A-line/organza, #4) Empire/charmeuse, #3) Sheath/blended silk, #2) Siren (mermaid)/shantung, #1) Princess/chiffon

All of these styles are included in our outstanding selection here at New York Bride of Syracuse. Pictured is a gorgeous mermaid gown (in organza) from Sincerity, style 4541, that we love. Come by the shop at your convenience, no appointment needed, and we’ll be delighted to help you find the perfect dress for your body shape.