Spring colors for bridesmaid dresses are giving a shout out to Mother Nature this year. A delightful palette of soft seductiveness beckons enchantingly from the latest photos of this year’s color trends. Warm, sunny muted shades are stealing this year’s palette for bridal parties. Natural, soft and cozy, these shades will make you feel like running across the beach or dancing the night away under the stars.

Smoky nude

Imagine taupe, hot chocolate and creamy cappuccino, these sweet shades evoke a natural, earthy vibe that is romantic, neutral and varied.

Champagne love

This sultry pink is related to rose quartz and brings a cozy aura of love by both sides of the wedding party. This option looks amazing with vanilla creams and silver or charcoal options. Many men underestimate the power of a soft pink and how it looks confident and sexy all around.

Green peace

A pistachio hue, reminiscent of seaside vacations, this color is enchanting for the majority of skin tones. Looks wonderful with fellow pastels and muted neutrals — however, it also combines stunningly with black or white.

Baby duck

This soft yellow is cheery and calm. It pairs perfectly with navy and blue tones of all ranges. White is a great contrast. A green accent can be enjoyed from lime to mint and everywhere in between.


Vibrant, healthy, bold…leave it to lime to offer the ultimate tribute to the green side of Mother Nature in a zesty, exciting way.

Strawberry mist

This passion-evoking shade can be taken anywhere from dark fuchsia-cherry tones to just-kissed-lips and coral orchid shades.


Think golden sunsets on the horizon for this one. Warm peachy-apricot tones from the pastel end to the other extreme and every shade in between.

Ocean surf

This greyish-teal shade is inspiring and refreshing. It looks great paired with charcoal or cream hues and elicits the feeling of a calm, relaxed beachside retreat. Consider matching it with silver, sand and coral shades.

Shades on shades

A popular alternative to having every gal dressed the same is to utilize your feature color’s entire family. Having shades of every blue or shades of any green hue as spring colors for bridesmaid dresses enables you to allow every lady to find the shade that best compliments them. Altogether, everyone will be radiant in a multitude of variations of your favorite color.

Celebrate the calming union part of your wedding day by choosing soothing and demure shades. Let your inner radiance shine on regardless of what color scheme you decide on.

Inspiration everywhere

To help you get started, figure out what you are drawn to in your current wardrobe. Look at objects around your home including books and artwork to see which colors you gravitate to. Enjoy trying on a variety of shades when you are at the bridal salon and let your girls each contribute their input. Allowing the creative process to guide you freely instead of marching through the doors with a specific cut, color and dress style in mind, may end up making the entire experience more enjoyable. And, who knows, your girls may just end up loving their new gowns so much they actually will wear them again in the future.

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