Planning a wedding in 2020 comes with adjustments and potential compromises. Chief among them, the restrictions on social gatherings make large weddings impossible in many places. This can be a stinging reality if it’s what you hoped and planned for. But even so, mandatory downsizing doesn’t mean a smaller event can’t be just as romantic, beautiful and meaningful as a larger one. The fact that many couples intentionally plan for an intimate wedding proves there are good reasons for doing so. This post will help you explore the possibilities of having a small, beautiful wedding.

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We should start by building a compelling case for a small wedding. Here is a good reason you might choose to have one:

You value more face time with guests.

Without a doubt, one of the most common complaints I’ve heard from friends who had larger weddings is that they barely had any time to talk to all of their guests. Not only were they were constantly circulating the room and had to limit their conversations to a quick “congratulations!” before moving on to the next table. If your top priority is having time to connect with your loved ones on your big day, then you’ll definitely want to consider limiting the guest list. By keeping the affair small, you’ll be able to have more meaningful exchanges, whether by simply catching up with family members over a couple glasses of bubbly, or breaking it down with your besties while the DJ spins your favorite songs. Read more at Elite Daily…

Nothing can replace quality time with your loved ones at an event that’s made for sharing. A small wedding will offer you much more leeway for connecting with your guests.

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Qualiy time with guests is not all you gain from a small wedding. It also gives you more control over how things run. The following post provides more details:

Your budget will go further with fewer guests, so use those extra funds to really enhance the evening.

“I would splurge on live music,” Rivera says. “Hire a quartet or pianist to play throughout the night.”

A fantastic photographer is also a great investment. “With fewer people at the table, your guests will really relax, creating an intimate atmosphere,” Dorman explains. “Hire a trusted photographer who will capture the laughter, the tears, and the clinking glasses, since those are the moments you’ll treasure most.”

And of course, there’s the menu. “Upgrade dinner to an indulgent seven-course meal, complete with expert pairings of fine wines and spirits,” Valley says. Meyer adds, “With a small group, you can really personalize every detail of the menu.” Read more at Brides…

Who wouldn’t appreciate being able to have a more personalized wedding? As a couple, you can pick and choose the things that matter to you and truly reflect who you are. Choosing quality over quantity is always a good deal.

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So, what part of your smaller wedding should you invest your extra time, attention and cash into? There are lots of possibilities to consider; the following post can help you narrow your focus:

What’s the part of your big day that you’re most looking forward to?

Of course, you are looking forward to your entire wedding day; but many couples are looking forward to one particular part of the day. For some couples, they are looking forward to the ceremony while others can’t wait to celebrate in style at their reception. Read more at Wedding Forward…

You can be certain that you and your fiance will have different priorities about some aspects of your wedding day. With a smaller event, you are more likely to have the resources for a win-win situation. Both of you can have your top one or two highlights of the day. A small wedding can be a classic case of having “the best of both worlds,” something that may not be possible with a huge affair.

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