It is common for brides to have a vision of what they want to look like on their wedding day. As part of this image many picture their bodice and their skirt, their fabric and their accessories — but what about sleeves? To sleeve or not to sleeve…that is the question. Luckily, there are a multitude of sleeve and strap choices for your wedding dress so you will be able to find the perfect style. Let’s take a closer look at the options.

Long-sleeve gowns

If looking like Duchess Kate is your personal vision for your wedding day, then long sleeves are vital. Opt for sheer or solid material, lacy prints or flowing gossamer depending on your style. This is a wonderful option for fall, winter or outdoor ceremonies, especially if you are constantly freezing. Many religious ceremonies and old-fashioned family members prefer that the bride be “as covered as possible,” therefore, this option is considered to be the most modest.

Sleeveless gowns

If you like the look of your toned arms, this can be a great option. Sleeveless gowns are particularly appropriate for warm weather weddings. They also transition well into fall if the dress is constructed with heavier materials. If you feel that this is the style for you, just be sure that everything is snug and secure at your dress fitting to prevent guests from remembering your wedding for all the wrong reasons.

Cap sleeves

This sleeve option is often thought of as a more casual style, however, it completely depends on the dress. Cap sleeves can draw attention to your upper arms and this can either be a positive or not-so-positive feature depending on how you feel about your upper arms. The best thing to do is simply try some dresses on with cap sleeves to see if the look is flattering and how you feel.

Flexibility is key

If you are open-minded, any dress sleeve option can be introduced or removed. Listen to the bridal consultants’ ideas and recommendations but follow your heart. Look for the option that best suits your body type and makes you feel the very best.

Be strapless, not careless

How many Christmas parties or other weddings have you attended where you wished your dress straps were different? Do you wear a strapless bra on a regular basis or will your wedding day be your first try? When it comes to going strapless, these are some things you may want to consider. If you opt for this style, be realistic with your bust size and your expectations. No one wants any kind of wardrobe malfunction on her big day. While it can be difficult to do jumping jacks in the dressing room (especially if you have excess material along the hemline), it is important to do some basic movements — which should include bending down to hug kids — ahead of time to ensure your own “girls” stay put.

One strap

This is an awesome compromise if you prefer no sleeves but desire some support. Many of these dresses are capable of having the strap ordered on either side. If you have a preference, speak with the bridal consultant and she can determine if your wish is available after checking with the designer label. Some alterations departments can switch things up if necessary.

Two straps

This is the most secure option for bustier brides or those who have a special dance event planned. Bounce around and party to your heart’s content without worrying about flashing your guests. If you prefer more or less strap width, speak to the bridal consultant or alterations department.


If you have fallen in love with every aspect of a gown except for the sleeves or straps, speak with the alterations department about your concerns. It is amazing the work these seamstresses can do. Sometimes, a slightly narrower or wider strap can completely change the way the dress looks on your upper body. Alternatively, certain gowns can have their straps completely removed and still stay in place. Experiment at the bridal salon to see what fits you the best and will be the most comfortable.

New York Bride & Co. has a wide selection of designer wedding dresses with a full range of sleeve and strap options. You are likely to discover the perfect dress hanging on our racks. If you do find that your favorite dress would work better with a different sleeve or strap, our professional alterations department can make the adjustments you’re looking for. Stop by NYB&Co. today to see why we are the premier bridal salon in Syracuse.