We love it when the brides we’ve dressed come back in the weeks after their wedding and share their photos and memories with us. It’s incredible to be reminded that we played a small part in creating the love and joy that was present for each one’s amazing day. Plus, the brides enjoy the chance to show and tell.

Because it makes everyone feel so wonderful to share these stories and look at the pics, we’ve started a new section here on our website specifically for that purpose. We’re calling the new campaign “Real Syracuse Weddings” (since that’s what we’re talking about) and every bride we’ve ever dressed is invited to submit photos and memories for the section.

Tell us about the fondest recollections of your wedding day — that first kiss with your new husband, the special dance with your dad, throwing the bouquet right into the arms of your best friend — and upload up to eight photos to show us how it all looked. A member of our New York Bride team will put the material up on the website so we can all share in each other’s joy and hopefully inspire future brides.

All we need to get started is your submissions. Please take a few moments to share your special day with us. We’d truly love to see and hear about it. Use this Real Syracuse Weddings link to start the process.

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