Making wedding plans can be challenging in the best of times. There are so many considerations and details to be put together. It makes sense; you’ve been dreaming about your wedding day for as long as you can remember. The pressure to get everything just right can feel even heavier if you’ve attended many of your friends’ weddings. From them, you have probably determined a lengthy list of dos and don’ts to avoid the problems you’ve witnessed.

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All of this preparation stress (which is usually self-imposed, we must remember) can rob you of the joy that should come naturally with one of the most memorable days of your life. To free yourself from the anxiety, take a step back and ask yourself some basic questions about big issues and small ones. Some simple reassessment in the midst of the process can make things easier and clearer.

You may want to start with something major to get the ball rolling. One question to revisit now that you’re in full-on wedding prep mode is what kind of bride are you really. The piece below can help you figure it out.

The 10 Types Of Brides

There are many types of brides in the world of weddings but what kind best describes you? This is a question that many brides joke about before they actually become engaged. The television shows make it easy to view others as a horrible, corny, obsessive or outright mean bride but is it possible that you’ve turned into a bridezilla…

  1. Bride With A Budget

This is the bride that designs her wedding based on cost alone. In most cases, if the cost is good, it looks good to this bride. The internet is her wedding planner and every inspiration comes from Pinterest’s DIY boards. Invitations are done at home or by a friend, decorations are put together from either the clearance aisle or a discount online store. Surprisingly enough, the dress is probably from a consignment shop or bought online. She cuts every corner in order to save but wants a wedding fit for a queen. Read more at Wedding Forward…

Learning more about your personality and how you are likely to respond to various issues is important. It will help you rein yourself in when you start to go overboard.

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Now we can focus on something that’s smaller in scale, but can make a huge impact on your enjoyment of your wedding day. Let’s discuss your shoes. They say the wearer of the shoe knows where it pinches. However, the last thing you want as you walk down the aisle is literally a pair of pinching shoes. So, how do you select a good pair? What should you prioritize? Continue reading for some helpful tips.

Style Counts…But Not Much

Many brides obsess about the style of their bridal shoes. The truth is that unless you are wearing a short dress, most people will have no idea what type of shoes you have on underneath. If you are someone who only feels as fancy as your shoes however, you might want the dressiest pair around. But, be realistic and know that you should not worry as much about style as you should about comfort. When you are planning a wedding, there are a million things to focus on at length. Don’t let your shoes be one of them! Read more at Footwear Joy…

The first step when it comes to your bridal shoes (see what we did there) is focus on the one thing that should guide your choices. It’s time to find the perfect wedding dress!

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Here are more details on the relationship between your gown and your footwear:

Do: Find your dress first…

Even if you’ve stumbled upon the wedding shoes of your dreams, hold off from purchasing them if you haven’t yet found the wedding dress to match. (Although, if you really love them, you could buy them “just in case.”) You want your bridal footwear to complement your dress in every aspect—style, color, down to every last detail and embellishment—and the length of your dress matters, too. If you’re going with a shorter dress, your shoes can be a major statement accessory, adding color, glitz, glam, whimsy, romance—or simply a dose of modern elegance—to your ensemble. Whereas, if your dress is a full-length gown, they’re not going to be nearly as visible. Read more at Brides…

Making step-by-step decisions will help you proceed through your wedding planning more easily. Your wedding dress is the key to many of these choices. In addition to your shoes, your bridal gown will also determine your accessories, hairstyle and more. Visit New York Bride & Co. of Syracuse for the best selection of designer wedding dresses in Central New York. We’ve got it all — everything from plus-size wedding dresses to the best possible pricing. To meet social distancing guidelines, we are currently working by appointment only. Call us at (315) 452-0600 to schedule your visit or use the contact button on our website to request a time. Our expert bridal consultants are ready to help you find the bridal gown of your dreams.