Wedding dress shopping can overwhelm even the most organized bride. One almost needs a fashion degree to try and keep track of the cut, fabric options and silhouettes available. Fantasy shopping starts out innocently enough — bookmark this designer website, sticky-note these catalogues, save images on your phone. Suddenly, there is an avalanche of gorgeousness taking over your every waking moment. You have to take a deep breath and stop the chaos.

Make some dress shopping decision beforehand

While it can be tempting to make your first bridal salon visit within days (or even hours!) of becoming engaged, this is not necessarily ideal. Set yourself up for success by taking some time to do your homework. Even if you have a scrapbook full of dream wedding gowns or 17 Pinterest boards of fashion ideas, take it down a notch to relieve some of the pressure. The more prepared you are before your bridal salon adventure, the more dresses you will get to try on. Your consultant will be able to serve you best if you take the time to answer some pertinent details.


Are you firm or flexible when it comes to your upper arms being bare or covered? If you have a specific preference be sure to communicate this to the bridal consultant right away as it can drastically change your selection and will prevent you from wasting time on gowns that you already know you won’t feel comfortable in. That being said, if you are somewhat flexible with your arm coverage, try a variety of sleeveless, long sleeve, mid sleeve and cap sleeve styles on to see how you feel about each one.

Short/tea length or cathedral length?

Communicating your preferences upon your arrival at the salon will help your consultant get a feel for your inner style. The more specific you can be in terms of your dress preferences, the better options they will be able to pull for you to try. If you are seriously considering an above-the-knee, short style dress be sure to mention it. Many consultants will not automatically bring you non-traditional gowns to try unless you specify.

Traditional shades of ivory and white or bold or pastel shades?

Gone are the days when cream, candlelight, ivory and white were the only dresses floating down the aisle. Then came the blush era and the bold trim options on white. Nowadays, anything goes. From black gowns, pales shades and bold reds, brides are letting their inner personalities be showcased. If you want to add some pizazz but don’t feel comfortable wearing a crimson gown, consider having some funky crinoline or some loud shoes to give you your burst of color. Metallic greys, silvers and golds are another unique option. Even if you have always envisioned a shade of ivory, it can be fun to try on something out of your comfort zone.

Headpieces, trains and veils

Having a vision of a trailing veil or a compact, sassy headpiece can really influence your entire ensemble. Certain gowns incorporate their train or veil into the style, while others are more flexible. Sharing your hair and headpiece vision with your bridal consultant will also help them help you achieve the wedding look of your dreams.

Communication is key

Make some dress shopping decisions beforehand to maximize your bridal salon experience. Bring along your wedding scrapbook to visually communicate what you are drawn to. This will help your bridal consultant see your vision more clearly and be able to offer you their best customer service.

The knowledgeable bridal consultants at New York Bride & Co. will make sure that you find the perfect wedding dress. They will ensure that the style, fit and color is just right for you and your ceremony. They will also help you choose the perfect wedding accessories from NYB’s wide selection.

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