There is no doubt that lace wedding gowns are very popular because of their classy, romantic, and chic look. The one thing to note though is that lace comes in different types. All these different types have their personal appeal as well as functionality. As a bride, knowing your options will help you achieve the feel you are going for on your wedding day.

So here are three popular types of lace you will come across:

1.Alencon Lace

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This is a needlepoint lace with a floral or leaf design on a sheer net background, outlined with heavy chords or threads. A major benefit of this lace type is that it can have additional embellishments such as pearls, sequins, and beads.

The Alencon or the French Embroidered Lace is a beautiful embellished type of lace with raised motifs on a sheer background. We use Cordonnet (heavy silk cords) to outline the motifs to give the design a dimension and beads to embellish it.

Since industrialization, people manufacture almost everything in the factory nowadays. However, one can differentiate an authentic French Alencon Lace from a factory manufactured copies is by noticing the width. The authentic lace will be 36 inches, and the copy of the French Embroidered Alencon lace will be 60 inches wide. Usually, we use this type of lace in bridal attire like gowns or veils, and even though it is expensive, they are worth spending money on. Read more from Kresent…

It is an excellent choice for a traditional but highly detailed look.

2. Chantilly Lace

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This type of lace is made from braided and twisted lengths of thread. It has delicate flower designs to a net background that have been sewn with faux silk threads. Chantilly is popular because of its popping outline pattern, its detailed designs, and the fine ground.

Chantilly (shan-TILL-ee) Lace: elaborate French floral or ribbon lace on a net background outlined in heavy silk thread to form a web-like pattern. Soft touch. And so delicate! A town in northeast France, best known for the handmade bobbin laces. The half stitch is used, in place of the more solid whole stitch for the delicate designs of flowers caught together by flowing webs that give a fragile ethereal quality of gauzy trelliswork. It was the favorite of Marie Antoinette who was guillotined in 1793. Show in my collections plain or beaded. Read more from SydneysCloset…

The lace is soft to the touch and is very elegant. If sophistication and elegance are what you are going for, this is a worthwhile consideration.

3. Guipure Lace

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This type is also called Venetian lace. It features the finest cellulose and silk threads. This lace has no netted background as the heavy raised floral and geometric designs are connected by bars or plaits.

Guipure lace, also known as Venetian lace, is a type of lace that doesn’t have a netting as compared to other varieties. It’s one of the earliest lace varieties and has been used for centuries in bridal gowns. It only has an open design, and the motifs tend to contain thick borders that outlined the elements of the pattern.

Guipure lace is composed of a continuous pattern and has a thicker design that’s raised and noticeable, almost 3D in its look. It’s also one of the common types of lace found in wedding gowns. Due to its unique design, Guipure lace works best for regal brides who want a formal dress that makes a statement. Read more from Wedding KnowHow…

Guipure lace is ideal when you’re going for a more formal but contemporary feel.

Lace adds a significant amount of beauty to any wedding gown. At New York Bride and Co. of Syracuse, you’ll get to choose from a variety of laced and non-laced gowns. Our excellent team is always available to offer their expertise, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands. Reach out to us to book your appointment.