Your wedding day is coming up and you have been waiting for it for as long as you can remember. Like all brides, you most certainly want to look perfect. Perhaps you already have an idea of the wedding gown you want to wear. It’s important to remember that a lot of details will contribute to your final appearance. This also includes your jewelry. This post will guide you in selecting the best design.

Jewelry for a V-Neck Wedding Gown

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You’ll be surprised at the number of options a v-neck gown has to offer. You’ll be spoilt for choice. For example, you can achieve a taller look if you do your jewelry in the following way:

Having a beautiful V-neckline wedding dress can do many things for you including making you look taller. It’s true! The gentle fabric and details are perfectly placed to create the shape of a V in the front and generally also the back. This type of neckline can help to make you look taller because it creates a longer vertical line for the eye to follow. Add a dramatic necklace and sparkly chandelier earrings to continue the vertical lines created by the V-neckline for the ultimate wedding day look! Read more at The Aisle Wedding Directory…

You can also use jewelry to take the attention from your dress to your face and hide the parts of your body that you may feel self-conscious about.

Jewelry for a Sweetheart Neckline

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The sweetheart wedding gown naturally leaves sufficient space to show off your jewelry. How do you ensure you nail it and still enjoy a fabulous look? Here are some tips:

Sweetheart looks should be paired with necklaces that lie close to the neck, like collars, and add a dose of sparkle or edge without over-crowding the delicate look of this sweet neckline. A larger bust in a sweetheart strapless gown is regal and sultry, so if you do want to don a necklace (and remember, it might be more chic without one), opt for something dainty. Should you have a smaller chest, a collar with substantial sparkle could amp up your bodice, and balance out the fullness of a ballgown. Read more at Harper’s Bazaar…

Striking a balance between your jewelry and wedding gown style is critical. Neither one should overshadow the other. Avoid the temptation to cover your sweetheart neck with too much jewelry.

Jewelry and Your Gown’s Color and Texture

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This is often a tricky one. What kind of jewelry is appropriate for a particular gown color and texture? Should you choose gold, silver, or diamonds?

Take into consideration the color of your dress. If you have gone with an off white, candle light white, blush, or Ivory dress you may want to think about warmer color jewelry. Pinks, Reds, Rose or Yellow gold. These pieces are going to bring out the color of your dress and the jewelry is really going to pop without being too much!..

The texture of your dress is so important to think about when picking your pieces. If you go with a very simple dress with little to no added detail, you can go bigger with your jewelry. But if you choose a dress with a lot of embellishment you may want to go simple. The jewelry is meant to be the icing on the cake… but not take away from the actual cake. Read more at Robinson Jewelers…

Clearly, for your wedding look, you need a balancing act. Each element complements the other and shouldn’t compete with it. Choose your jewelry appropriately.

Need more advice on this subject? At New York Bride & Co. of Syracuse, we’ll be more than delighted to help you find your best look. Our experienced bridal consultants will be happy to help you make your decision. Book an appointment with us today and be a step closer to your amazing bridal look!