Guess what? A unique dating site has launched in Great Britain. Right now you’re thinking: This is a strange blog topic for a Syracuse, NY bridal shop website. Yeah, we know. Just go with it. It’ll make a sense in a moment, we promise.

The twist is that the profiles of the singles on are placed by people’s besties rather than the singles themselves. In other words, on this site Laverne would write and post the ad for her closest pal Shirley. It’s an awesome idea. We all have that one wonderful friend who we’d love to see in a great relationship. Many of us have already tried to set this fab friend up, and the rest of us just want to.

On that note, here’s the part that really got our attention. The site is currently promoting an idea called MySingleTable that encourages brides and grooms to seat their single friends together at the wedding reception.

For a few reasons, we kinda love this effort. Have you ever been single at a wedding? You’re completely happy for your friends, of course, but it can still feel a little weird to be at the ultimate celebration of two people’s love without someone of your own. At the reception you invariably find yourself at a table filled with happy twosomes. When it comes time to dance, you don’t know who to ask so you just sit there watching.

When all your cool single friends are sitting around the same table, they can forget about feeling out of place among so many couples and just enjoy themselves. They can chat with other great guys and gals. It’s definitely easier to find a dance partner at a table where everyone is unattached. Not to mention (fingers crossed) you might actually spark a connection between two of your totally awesome friends who are totally perfect for one another.

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