Get ready for your spring wedding while the rain and snow is falling outside. Taking care of your most pressing details such as finding your dream dress now will help you feel more relaxed in the new year. Keep in mind that you need time to order your designer wedding dress from the manufacturer and then there’s time required for alterations to fit it perfectly. Here are a few details to keep in mind as you search for your dream wedding dress for your spring wedding.

Spring dress styles

Tea length, full ball gown or above-the-knee — anything goes when it comes to your big day. Just remember that spring is notorious for flower-producing rain showers. Be sure to take the weather into consideration along with your personality. For example, if you are freezing cold all the time, a cute bolero jacket or shawl might compliment your look and keep you from being frigid on your wedding day. Alternatively, if you are always hot and sweaty, consider a sleeveless, strapless, halter or cap sleeve dress choice.

Know your comfort zone

The pomp and circumstance of your wedding day is enough to make even the most self-assured bride a bit nervous. If you have never worn a strapless dress to a party or out on the dance floor, but you’ve fallen in love with this style of gown, give yourself permission to practice ahead of time. Checking the wearability of your dress can be the difference between a confident bride who knows there won’t be a wardrobe malfunction during the conga line and one who spends an hour crying in the bathroom about a mishap.

Spring accessories

In practically every region, spring can be wet and messy. Melting snow and copious rain leads to new growth, blossoming blooms and sunnier days. It can also create muddy shoes and dirty hemlines. Don’t fret about the weather since it is completely out of your control. Simply take the following into consideration:

  • Appropriate footwear: Gumboots are not just available in army green or jet black anymore. Thanks to some spectacular designers, you have a myriad of options when it comes to patterns and colors. Even if this is not going to be your main source of footwear, great photos can be had with a couple or the entire wedding party in cute boots.
  • Warmth: Whether its fleece throws for yourself and your guests for the reception time around a campfire or outdoor patio, propane fire pits or rented heaters, keep everyone cozy by paying attention to the details.
  • Dry: Hanging tarps camping style may not be the vision for your big day. However, a little accessorizing with some white LED Christmas lights, floral arrangements or woodland wonders can transform your refuge into the perfect haven. Have some oversized flowerpots with umbrellas in your wedding colors so that guests can admire your DIY abilities. They will be grateful you took the time and energy to ensure their comfort and will spend less time away from the reception drying off in their hotel rooms.

Get ready for your spring wedding

If you feel all over the map when it comes to selecting your ideal gown, discuss your concerns with the experts at the bridal salon. Simply sharing your venue and wedding date can help them guide you to the best look for your spring ensemble. They might have ideas such as adding a bustle, ribbons or altering the hemline to keep you out of the mess that often accompanies the season. Having a backup pair of shoes and packing some extra wet wipes can help you stay fresh and comfortable for the entire day.

Our experienced bridal consultants at New York Bride & Co. will ensure that you end up with the perfect dress for your spring wedding. Come see us soon — no appointment needed — so we can help you find “the one” and get it ordered with plenty of time left for alterations. We look forward to assisting you.