I love NYB & Co! Should I make you my first stop?

While we are very excited to have you visit us, we honestly encourage you not to visit your favorite bridal shop that fits your vibe first. We find that bride’s guests often insist that you visit more than one shop before saying YES (unfortunately it’s inevitable), so unless you are a one-and-done type of girl and feel comfortable telling your group that you do not want to shop around, we say hold out on visiting the bridal shop that you know you want to find the one at until you know you are 100% ready. We can’t wait to help you find your dream dress, whether it’s after a few trial appointments at other shops, or a one-and-done visit to us! We will make it an unforgettable experience!

Do you do alterations in your store?

We do not have in-house alterations. We found that brides wanted more choices to use seamstresses that fit their budget and their schedules. The most talented bridal seamstresses also do not want to be limited to a schedule that fits into the store’s open days/hours. But don’t worry, we offer a list of area seamstresses that our brides have used and been very happy with so that you have a starting point on your search for your perfect seamstress!

What sizes, styles and price range of dresses do you have?

We have sizes 0-34, with prices ranging from $1000-$3000 (Off-the rack options starting at under $500!) we truly have something for every bride! And our 10,000 square foot showroom boasts hundreds of styles. We only carry Bridal and Bridesmaids, so our entire store is dedicated to you and your bridesmaids which allows us to have the largest selection anywhere around.

Will you store my dress for me?

Of course! We always offer free storage of bridal gowns up until the wedding. You can even bring it back after alterations are done and we will press it at no charge so it is ready for you to walk down the aisle!

Do I need an appointment to pick up my accessory, bridesmaids dresses, or bridal gown?

We do ask that you make an appointment to pick up your items, or to drop off Bridal gowns for pressing/preservation, etc. We just want to make sure that we have your items ready for you, and that someone is here and available when you arrive, so that you don’t waste a trip or have to wait.

How do I know when I have found “the one”?

You just KNOW… it’s a feeling. When you have a dress on that you don’t want to take off, that makes you feel confident, comfortable, happy and that you can picture yourself wearing on your special day to marry your person, then you have found the one! Some brides cry, some don’t. Some choose exactly what they thought they would, but many others end up choosing something they never would have imagined they would! Don’t be surprised if you fall for something that is not what you expected, it happens more often than not, as bridal gowns are structured much differently than regular clothing and you just don’t know what you will love until you start trying styles on.

Is the Zoom consultation for bridal appointments mandatory?

No, the Zoom consultation is never mandatory. It is something that we offer for you, to help you to know what to expect at your appointment, to get to know us a bit and to maximize your appointment time by digging in and getting to know your vision, your likes and dislikes, and some styles that you would like to start out with. Although many brides end up choosing a style that is different from what they first thought, it is helpful to have a starting point so that we can best utilize your appointment time to really narrow down what you love and find your dream dress! Our Zoom consultations are very brief and will only take an average of 10 minutes.