Frequently Asked Questions

Other bridal shops have told me I can’t take any photos, do you allow them at your store?

Yes! At New York Bride & Company we don’t have anything to hide. It’s your day … do things your way! All of the dresses are tagged with the designer name, price, color, size and any available changes that the designer will allow.

Do you charge a fee to try dresses on?

NO! We are honored to have you in our salon. We do not charge you to shop in our store! (I can’t even believe that any store does this.)

How do I adjust my bridesmaid order if I think I might be pregnant?

Order two sizes larger and request extra length to accommodate the baby bump.

Why do you wait to order all of the bridesmaids’ dresses at one time?

We order them as a group to ensure the quality of the color. If they are ordered together, they are cut from the same dye lot of fabric. This assures that your dresses will be the same color tone.

How long does it take to order accessories?

Veils, headpieces and jewelry usually take no more than four weeks. Quite often these are stocked items that can ship right away.

Will you press my wedding gown?

Absolutely. We press your gown for your portrait and your wedding — at no cost to you.

How does the bridesmaid ordering process work?

If your party is all local they can simply come by the salon at their convenience anytime before the agreed upon deadline. Out-of-town ladies should use the “out of town bridesmaid” section of our website for easily understood assistance. We are happy to manage your bridesmaid order and see it through to completion.

Where do you recommend that I have my gown cleaned and/or preserved?

We use a company that we love. We recommend that you bring your gown to the salon after the wedding as soon as you can. The sooner you get it back to us the better. We give our clients a $25 discount.

When I shop for my bridal gown, is it ok to come alone?

It is perfectly fine for you to come alone and, in fact, many ladies do this. As much as we love our family and friends, sometimes too many opinions can be overwhelming. We recommend that you keep your party small while shopping in order for your visit to be the most effective, positive and fun it can be. While shopping for bridesmaids dresses, it can work well for you to bring a couple girlfriends and just have fun.

Do you discount the bridesmaids gowns if I buy my wedding gown from you or have a larger party?

The dresses we offer are already marked at the lowest price allowed by the manufacturer. In many cases, they are already priced lower than most other stores in the area.

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