For almost every bride, the wedding day is one they have dreamt about. One they have thoroughly planned for in their minds. For many, their focus is mostly on the type of wedding gown they’ll buy and their dream venue. Forgetting one simple thing, the shoes!

Thoughts about shoes start to kick in when the dress is all ready! When this happens, you may end up not giving some careful thought to it. Ladies, a good pair of shoes is definitely very vital on your big day. To shine a light on this essential accessory, here are some things you should consider when getting your wedding day shoes:

1. Your shoe budget

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Wedding shoes come in different types, colors, and you can bet, different prices. You should have a budget for your shoes. A point you should consider is whether you intend to use the shoes past the wedding day.

According to a national average, brides will spend around $1600 on their wedding dress. Because of this, many brides try to stay under $200 for their bridal shoes. Inexpensive bridal shoes range $25 to $75, and moderate shoes cost $100 to $250.

Brides should also decide whether it’s worth spending a lot of money on shoes that their guests may never see. If it’s not worth spending the money, borrow a pair of shoes or wear your favorite pair that you already own.

If you’re leaning towards the moderate-priced shoes, check out Nordstrom or Zappos. They sell designer shoes at a cheaper price!

Bonus tip: Find something you’ll wear again so you get your money’s worth. Embellished pumps go great with jeans and will hit just above the ankle. Or go for a pointed-toe flat—they’ll elongate your legs. Read more from Nearly Newly Wed

You may not rob a bank for your shoes but do ensure they are a little bit more luxurious compared to your normal footwear.

2. Your wedding location

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The wedding venue matters a lot. Take some time and study the wedding venue before selecting the shoes. Is the ground covered in grass, a garden perhaps? Is it gravel or stones, a chapel maybe? Or is it sand, the beautiful sandy beaches? Here’s a promise, you do not want to be limping on your big day because your heel broke. It may also not be all smiles when the stiletto is seriously digging the sand on the beach.

Your wedding venue will play a huge role in determining what kind of shoes you need. You might want sandals for a beachfront celebration, a pair of sturdy flats for a mountainside ceremony, or wedge heels for a wedding taking place in the garden. While choosing location-appropriate footwear is important, she warns brides against going barefoot on the beach, which is something she often sees. “It never fails that when summer comes,” she says, “I’ll get at least one bride or groom who gets something stuck in their foot.” If you don’t want to end up limping down the aisle after cutting your heel on a shell or tripping over a rock, be sure to wear some sort of shoes. If you’re really against it, ask the staff at your venue to comb the beach for any hazards before your event starts. Read more from Martha Stewart

Your wedding shoe should completely compliment your venue.

3. Comfort

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This is an essential point. Comfort is a priority when it comes to wedding shoes, ladies. There is nothing worse than feet that are hurting, they might ruin your whole day and this is not a day to play with. When purchasing, fit them making sure they do not squeeze your toes. To check for comfort, walk around the store in your choice shoes. This might just save your day.

The first thing to consider when buying your wedding shoes is comfort. I know you’ve probably heard this time and time again, but I can assure you, you’ll thank me for it! A pair of comfortable shoes is SO important, because you’ll be on your feet most of the day and the absolute last thing you want to worry about is achy feet! You’d want to get to the evening and be able to dance the night away, right? If sky-high heels are not what you’re used to wearing, then i’d recommend a mid-heel that will still look elegant but keep your feet happy!

Another tip… Always buy shoes that are comfortable from the start and that fit you correctly. Please don’t try and convince yourself that they’ll stretch or give a little before the wedding, this could be risky! Read more from Lace and Favour

It will be nothing short of amazing to be able to walk around and even dance at your wedding with your feet as comfortable as possible.

At New York Bride and Groom of Syracuse, we are always excited to give our expert advice for your beautiful day. We would love to see you get the perfect gown to compliment that glamorous shoe for your big day at our store. For dresses of all sizes including plus sizes, we are the store for you. You can call us to book a visit or just walk into our store today!