Most times, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s the occasion where you get to dare to do amazing things that will make you happy. There’s nothing as precious as looking back on your wedding after many years and thinking with glee “I really went all out!” This is applicable both for your outfit and that of your bridesmaids. Here’s to let you know that you don’t have to get stuck at the conventional ideas. Spread your creative wings and fly!

Choose Unique Colors

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Gone are the days when all bridesmaids wore the same color. Yes, your gals can rock different colors that blend perfectly. In fact, they can also wear white- why not? You can be sure yours will be a wedding to remember!

All White Everything

White is no longer reserved for just the bride—these maids pull off the stark color with tea-length dresses in various styles and textures cohesively brought together by the uniform bouquets…

Oceanic Hues

Navy blues and emerald greens are an unexpected combination that translate surprisingly well together. Like a deep, sophisticated palette reminiscent of a tumultuous sea. The dresses were punctuated with anemonie-laden bouquets…

Coastal Grays

Fifty shades of gray has never looked so classy, or so coastal, with each lady flaunting a different tone of the smokey color tinged with hints of taupe, blue, or seafoam. “They are all so uniquely different, and I wanted them to wear something that they felt comfortable in and that fit their personality/style,” says bride Jenneh. Read more at Brides

It really is all about the creativity. You can always work out a great style that brings out the best in your gals.

Go Floral


There is something amazing about florals. They can just light up the dampest moods. And yes, they work perfectly whatever season of the year your wedding will be. Dare to go floral and let your ladies shine through.

Incorporating pretty floral prints in your wedding is a great way to create a light and fun atmosphere (and give a nod to all the amazing work of your florist). One cool way to include these bright, nature-inspired patterns is by choosing floral bridesmaid dresses for your crew. From fresh and flirty boho frocks to dainty lace designs, these eye-catching looks come in a whole range of styles and colors…

Unique Jumpsuit

The best bridesmaid outfits effortlessly combine class and comfort. If dresses just aren’t their thing, a floral jumpsuit is an excellent alternative. The stylish cowl neck and minimalist spaghetti straps are incredibly on trend, while the wide leg adds a fun vintage vibe. Read more at Wedding Wire

In the spirit of being creative, you could even choose jumpsuits for your gals. Or floral printed pants that carry a certain aura of class and elegance.

Consider Embroidered Dresses

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Embroidery is a detailing art that makes beautiful garments even moreso. You can easily incorporate it into your wedding by having your bridesmaids dress in similar-but-different embroidery-embellished gowns.

Embroidered bridesmaid dresses are fantastic for adding colour, texture and all-round uniqueness to your bridal party, which makes them a big hit with both maximalist and boho brides…

To pair with bride Julie’s backless Grace Loves Lace gown, her bridesmaids wore embroidered & embellished mix and match dresses from Needle & Thread…

Una’s bridesmaids were dressed in dusty pink, halter-neck gowns from ASOS which compliment her bold bridal look perfectly.

Bold and beautiful, this black Jenny Yoo bridesmaids dress makes a magical statement with embroidered stars. Read more at One Fab Day

You can see that these ideas are not far-fetched. Other brides have been able to pull an amazing look for their bridesmaids. You can be sure your ladies will be intrigued by the uniqueness that’ll characterize your wedding.

Need some more inspiration for your bridesmaids. At New York Bride &Co. of Syracuse, we will be delighted to help you get the most flattering outfits for your ladies. Book an appointment with us and feel free to come with all the questions you have. We will be glad to have you over.