Finding the perfect wedding gown is every bride’s dream. Unfortunately, many full-figured brides still think that this is an unattainable dream. With the usual struggle to get nice day-to-day clothes, many assume that they are unlikely to get a stunning dress. As a result, they settle for a good dress rather than choosing the best one. Is this true about you too? If yes, then this post is for you.

Don’t Lower The Bar

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No, don’t buy into the pressure that wants you to give in to a lower standard than the best you want for yourself. This is true, whether you’re a fashionista or a laid-back bride. Go for what you really want. Of course, it’s important to minimize your disappointment by doing your homework.

Never discount your dream designer
While the majority of wedding dress designers design gowns of up to size 20 to 24, you must never discount yourself while shopping… If you want to walk down the aisle in the Monique Lhullier or the Vera Wang, don’t give up on your dream. Most designers do custom measurements. However, even when your custom request is accepted, you must note that in most cases the designer will charge you extra for the additional fabric. Budget accordingly.

Always call the bridal salon in advance
As a plus size bride, it is imperative that you call the salon in advance to inform them of your preferences. Be honest with your body size. Doing so will help the consultant in the salon to gather the dresses that not only match your preference but ones that will also fit you. Once you arrive at the salon, the most important thing is to never discount a dress or shape before trying it on. Don’t be afraid to inform the consultant of your personal style as well as the location and time of your wedding. Read more at Michelle My Belle…

If you believe that the wedding look you want is everything, then go for it and invest accordingly.

Don’t Focus On Your Insecurities

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Some women feel insecure about certain parts of their bodies. That’s normal. Your default plan would be to conceal the parts you don’t like very much. However, what if you flattered the parts that you do love?

“I hate the tops of my arms!” This is the thing I hear everyday from my brides. Often the best solution is to still select dresses for the bride based on their figure rather than just reaching only for gowns with sleeves. It’s more important that the dress flatters the curves and crucially that the focus is drawn to her best features such as a cracking waist or beautiful neckline that frames a pretty face. 9/10 when the right dress is found brides say I’m not even bothered about my arms in this dress and it’s all simply because the focus has shifted. It’s like magic!” Read more at Bridal Suite Gowns…

Take your attention away from what you don’t like. Instead, focus on what makes you happy about yourself. You’ll be surprised at the outcome.

Don’t Go To The Wrong Shop

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The shop you visit has the potential to make or break your search for the ultimate wedding gown. So, as a plus-size bride, you’ll need to be picky about where to shop.

Shopping for your wedding dress is inherently stressful, no matter what size you are. But, as a plus-size bride, it can seem even more intense. Lisa Litt, owner of the plus-size bridal salon Della Curva, says the benefits of shopping at a plus-size bridal shop are that “they are the most knowledgeable and understanding of a plus-sized bride’s needs, desires, and of course have the best selection of sizes.”

Having the ability to shop with someone specializing in your particular body type is a great advantage. Still, if you don’t have a plus-size wedding dress shop near you, there are plenty of other ways to ensure that your dress shopping experience is a wonderful one. Read more at Brides…

Yes, you can choose the best plus size gown in town. It’ll be a deliberate effort, and it may take you some more time, but it will be worth it in the end.

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