Attention New York Brides: Share your wedding with us!

We love it when the brides we’ve dressed come back in the weeks after their wedding and share their photos and memories with us. It’s incredible to be reminded that we played a small part in creating the love and joy that was present for each one’s amazing day. Plus, the brides enjoy the chance to show and tell. Because it makes everyone feel so wonderful to share these stories and look at the pics, we’ve started a new section here on our website specifically for that purpose. We’re calling the new campaign "Real Syracuse Weddings" [...]

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Write your own vows to personalize your wedding

One of the best ways to make your wedding feel unique and intimate at any size is to write your own vows. Think about it: There couldn’t possibly be a better moment to tell your beloved exactly what’s in your heart, or a more perfect occasion to publicly declare why the man or woman standing opposite you is “the one.” Your nuptials will be even more memorable if you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We guarantee it. “Okay,” you may be saying, “I’m  sold on the concept -- but I have no idea how [...]

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Group your single friends at the reception

Guess what? A unique dating site has launched in Great Britain. Right now you’re thinking: This is a strange blog topic for a Syracuse, NY bridal shop website. Yeah, we know. Just go with it. It’ll make a sense in a moment, we promise. The twist is that the profiles of the singles on are placed by people’s besties rather than the singles themselves. In other words, on this site Laverne would write and post the ad for her closest pal Shirley. It’s an awesome idea. We all have that one wonderful friend who [...]

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