What better way to set the tone for a fun-filled wedding day than with your best ladies decked out in glamorous party frocks? The options are as unique as your girls themselves. Spend some time researching the styles, cuts and fabrics you are attracted to prior to hitting the bridal salon to ensure you utilize your time as wisely as possible.

To match…or not to match

If you prefer the traditional, one-dress-style for all your bridesmaids, it’s not a problem. Thanks to the dress designers, there are numerous styles that flatter almost every shape. If, however, you want to mix it up a bit, the trendy thing now is to go for it. Many brides are allowing their maids to showcase their individuality by permitting them to choose their own gowns. You can still create a cohesive look if you agree on the shade, fabric or designer and let the ladies try on the styles they most prefer.

Show off those legs

Short dresses can be welcome any time of year. Consider the elegance that accompanies a short skirt and a long jacket or shawl if you are a fall or winter bride. There is nothing better than showing off great legs and using shoes as an accessory when short dresses abound. You can have the ladies splurge on some fantastic pumps, cowgirl boots with attitude, casual sneakers or ballet flats depending on your style preferences.

Shorter is best in sandy locations

If your girls will be joining you beachside for the ceremony, consider how the dresses you choose will work best with your environment. Take the time of year and the weather into consideration when you are shopping to ensure you pick something that will not only be appropriate but spectacular. Conversely, if you have always envisioned yourself getting married while dancing in the rain, some cute gumboots can be an easy bridesmaid gift that will be practical and perfect for your photo shoot!

Gifts for your girls

When thinking about thank you gifts for the ladies who are standing up for you on your big day, consider choosing something that they can use with their bridesmaid dress. Accessories such as a belt, ankle bracelet or funky pantyhose can complete your bridal party look with a little careful and thoughtful planning.

Shorter dress considerations

If you have bustier bridesmaids, they may feel uncomfortable in a strapless garment. Speak with your gals prior to your bridal salon appointment to determine any concerns they have. Find out their input on material and dress style. Have them do a twirl in the changing room to see if their undergarments have the potential to be displayed. Figuring out potential issues ahead of time will help you streamline your appointment and stay on task. It can be tricky having a group of girls agree on the same thing. However, this is your vision and your opinions need to be respected and supported.

Alterations save self-esteem

Sometimes, adding an inch or two to the hem of a dress can dramatically transform one’s comfort level. Similarly, more petite bridesmaids or junior bridesmaids may require that same inch or two hemmed up to make the dress proportion hang correctly. Your best bet is to shop from a salon with an in-house alterations department that can help you arrange all of these intricate details.

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