There is just something magical about a Bohemian wedding — Boho for short. This increasingly popular, chic wedding trend was actually invented by a group of people in the 19th century for whom art, literature and music was considered an integral part of living. Consistent with the originators’ love for creativity, this wedding style is all about having a free spirit and embracing nature. Let’s take a closer look at what makes a wedding Boho — starting with the day’s most important garment.

A Boho wedding dress



The fabrics used should be free and flowing in sync with nature since a boho wedding is all about free spirit. There is no particular color or style and that is the beauty of it. For the beautiful bride, think of vintage lace dresses for instance.

Authentic, loose, and casual, but with that certain something. In the boho wedding trend, the focus is on what is “real”. Therefore, in boho style, there is no particular dress cut, nor a specific color or shape that makes up the style. Flowing and high-quality fabrics with embroidery or lace, light and elegant at the same time, a touch of hippie or vintage – this is what the perfect dress for a boho wedding looks like. Most of the dresses in this style are champagne or ivory color rather than snow white and from the wedding dress cut rather figure-hugging. Read more from Bliss perfect wedding guide

The one thing to remember is to be free and real in the dress.

Boho wedding flowers



What to look for here is flowers that bring out an earthy aesthetic.  The flowers should be native and should have fresh greenery. There is no limit to the color or texture of the flowers. For centerpieces, vintage vases can be used as well as DIY ones.

Flowers play a large role in getting the boho chic look right, with boho weddings allowing for much more flexibility when it comes to bouquets and centrepieces. Forget the structured look of traditional bridal bouquets and let your wild side run free with a mix of colours, styles and textures. Some boho brides choose to do-away with professional arrangements entirely, opting instead for wildflower posies of daisies and natives for that fresh-from-the-field look. DIY vases and centrepieces are easily accomplished with an eclectic mix of vintage bottles and mismatched vases full of wildflowers or greenery. For vintage inspired flowers that nail the boho chic aesthetic, speak to the friendly team at Elka’s Garden. Read more from Seacliff house

In as much as it is natural and earthy, flowers are used to bring out relaxation and sophistication to the entire wedding.

A Boho wedding venue



The venue should be all about closeness to nature as this implies freedom, so getting the right venue is super important. Areas near the lake, in a forest, a beautiful garden are some of the venues to think about.

Using the natural elements and saying I DO under the shadows of the trees is the best backdrop for a Boho Chic Wedding. Using the natural decor of the greenery and surrounding elements brings a mystical tone to your ceremony, one that perfectly complements your dress and floral arrangements. The placement of the chairs in a swirl formation embodies fluidity and freedom, with each person present being able to enjoy the bride’s walk towards her groom. And our pathways became the wedding aisle where you take your last steps as a single woman, on your way to marry your soul mate. The wind in the trees, the birds flying by and the natural warmth from the sun is the perfect aesthetic you’ll need to create your whimsical wedding. Read more from Cherry glamping

You are allowed to go outside the box and think of areas like circus tents; creativity here is unlimited.

Having a Bohemian wedding can be fun and the above tips guarantee it. And a good gown for your Bohemian wedding is also guaranteed at our shop in New York Bride & Co. of Syracuse. We have a vast array of Bohemian wedding gowns available for you. Visit us today!