Celebrating your nuptials in the sand or along any waterfront venue allows you to optimize the shorter bridesmaid dress styles. Your girls will enjoy feeling cool and relaxed in either a swingy or sultry above-the-knee or tea length selection.

Common Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Challenges Include:

Complement the bride

Match the wedding theme

Making your bridesmaids happy

Achieving a cohesive look (Read more at Best For Bride)

Express your vision to your bridesmaids early on so they can become familiar with the dress styles you have in mind and can feel confidant and stunning while they stand beside you.

Bridal Thank You Jewelry

Many brides provide their bridesmaids with a sentimental token of thanks for all of their hard work and commitment to planning the wedding and reception. If you have picked out some gorgeous pendants, delicate chokers or elaborate earrings as a gift for your gals, a strapless gown will allow everyone to show off their wares easier than if they are trying to combine them with an intricate neckline.

Great Options for a Beachside Thank You Gift:

  • Barefoot Sandals
  • Anklet
  • Seashell Hair Piece
  • Seashell Ring/Necklace/Bracelet
  • Seaweed Hair/Wrist/Ankle wraps


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Eye-catching Detail

Your bridesmaids will appreciate being able to wear their gowns again. Opt for intricate necklines if you want to minimize jewelry details. Lace, keyhole detailing as shown above or sheer fabric options can maximize the natural elegance and contours of the body.

Pleats Have a Bad Rap

Pleats originated as a tailoring trick; designed to make a garment hang more flatteringly. They initially were born from a functional standpoint; yet, many bridesmaids’ designers are including them for aesthetic appeal. Ask your bridesmaids what they think prior to arriving at the salon. Let them Google some gorgeous options such as the pistachio Alfred Sung dress above.

new york bride co. syracuse wedding dresses bridal gowns bridesmaids accessories

Romantic and respectable are two of the most frequently used terms to describe the ideal bridesmaid dresses. New York Bride and Co. has an immense selection of the best bridesmaid styles and fabrics available. Popular pricing, exquisite selection and never having to book an appointment are just a few of the reasons we are considered the top bridal salon in the region.

Why You Should Consider Shorter Bridesmaid Gowns

– Shorter styles are usually more versatile and easier to wear again.
– If you’re having a summer wedding outdoors, your bridesmaids will appreciate a nice breeze on their bare legs.
– A wider variety of fabrics typically work better with shorter dresses, so different styles and options can be selected for greater personalization.
– Shoe lovers can make footwear a bigger part of their outfit since they’ll be seen. Country-chic weddings often choose to highlight cowboy boots in this way.
– If there’s a large disparity in the height of your maids, short dresses may be more flattering. Petite women may feel they drown in a long gown, while statuesque bridesmaids may not be able to order extra length in every style. Read more at Inside Weddings

Ultimately, you as the bride have the final say. However, it is nice to feel that your girls are supportive of your style choices and will remain team players, regardless of what you have them walk down the aisle in on your behalf.

Whatever style of dress you have in mind, you’re sure to find it at NY Bride & Co. Come visit us at your convenience and browse through our unparalleled selection. You are sure to find the perfect compliment to your gown.