Your wedding will probably be the first major event you handle as a couple. Juggling between your expectations, family or friends and your fiancée’s can become a breeding ground for conflicts. All this can make planning for your wedding a painful experience.

But with some quality tips you can do this with little to no fights at all.  Here are some that can be of help:

Tip #1: Communicate

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Communication is one of the backbones to healthy relationships and why not begin practicing right now? Being able to convey your emotions, motivations, beautiful moments and stressful ones to your partner can be one of the best things.

Communicate as a couple with all honesty but most importantly with all gentleness.

Communication is key to the success of any relationship, especially that between a husband and wife. Your wedding planning is the perfect time to test your communication with each other and fine tune it for your marriage ahead.

If you disagree with something your partner said or did, or if you are unhappy that he/she went ahead with her decision without consulting you first, don’t bottle it up and let the unhappiness fester inside of you until it explodes. Instead, let them know what is bothering you and why in a constructive manner. Discuss how you can avoid the same issue in the future and work towards a solution for the current situation. Read more from Singapore brides

Dedicate a particular time to just sit and communicate freely, you might be shocked how fewer your fights will become.

Tip 2: Set the negotiables and non-negotiables

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Striking a balance between what you and your partner consider negotiable and non-negotiable can be so relieving. Each one must listen to the other without any judgment. This list can be of great help as it can clearly show what you desire and what’s a no for both of you.

Next, each partner needs to define the issues they will and will not negotiate. Begin with your non-negotiables. These are needs for the wedding (or the process) that you absolutely cannot live without. Be realistic about them and try to keep your list short, remembering that being open to influence means you are thinking about what’s best for ‘us’ not just ‘me.’  Next, define each of your negotiables: the needs each of you are willing to live without. Your negotiables may include the specifics of your broader non-negotiable needs like how, when, and where your non-negotiable needs are met. Read more from Green wedding shoes

As a couple, be as realistic as possible so that the important things are taken care of.

Tip #3: Compromise and do more of compromising

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Never assume that your priorities in the wedding are greater than your partners. So never be in a hurry to push and push your way all the time, practice compromise. There will emerge things that will need you to take the back seat and  let your partner have their way.

Pretty much everyone has heard the saying that marriage is all about compromise, right? Well, this is your chance to put it into practice.  Both of you will have opinions, and no doubt both of you have thought about this day your whole lives.  You will each want different things, and it’s important to listen to what you each have to say, and do your best to meet somewhere in the middle with your requests. Keep in mind that you aren’t celebrating just one person, you are celebrating the two of you.  Remember this as you plan, and remember the love the two of you share, because that’s what it’s all about. Read more from Modern Gents

Compromising is a great way of showing that you consider your partner as equally worthy of having a beautiful day as you. It is a great gesture of love.

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