If your mom still has her wedding dress and is up for the idea, you can make your wedding day experience even more special by incorporating a bit of her gown into yours. Just be sure to discuss the cutting and sewing aspects ahead of time so that mom is supportive of you deconstructing her gown. Surprising her may backfire if she has no idea that you will be forever changing the silhouette or removing elements of the design. Here are some suggestions to help you make mom’s wedding gown a memorable part of your walk down the aisle.

Something borrowed

Obviously, there’s always the option of simply wearing your mom’s dress. A talented seamstress can help you make the necessary alterations to streamline a new version of this treasured heirloom. Just be sure that you work with someone who has the skill to deconstruct the dress and beautifully reassemble it.

Creative fabric sentiments

If you yearn to incorporate some of the material aspects of your mom’s dress into your day, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you prefer leaving the original gown intact, consider using some of the veil or filigree from her gloves to provide some delicate lace accents. The following are simple ways to utilize some of her material in your ensemble:

Lacy bust enhancements

You can add a delicate trim to accentuate your neckline or the bodice portion of your gown.

Bead embellishments

If the material is aged or stained on mom’s dress due to being improperly preserved, don’t worry. Consider salvaging some crystals or beads and adding them to your bustle, flower rosettes, pickups or headpiece.

Some people have more fine details to work with from the accessories as opposed to relying on the gown itself. If you have access to her shoes, gown, hairpiece, gloves, shawl or veil, consider each a possibility for incorporation. Perhaps you can wear her shoes or steal some embellishment from them to add to your own pumps.

DIY ring pillow

If your tastes vary considerably and you fear a mismatch of styles or eras by trying to marry old with new, consider making a separate item from your mom’s material. For example, create your ring bearer pillow by using some of her dress instead.

Hairpieces and accessories

Add elements of mom’s wedding dress to yours further by skipping the dress altogether and using your precious heirloom fabric in your accessories instead. Harmonize your bouquet wrapping with some lace. Add some fabric flowers or beads to your hair piece. Create a lace choker necklace or soft bracelet or anklet by attaching a clasp or sewing on some ribbon. Only you will know what works best to complement your style. Have fun with the process and try a variety of ideas to see what feels best.

Other uses

If romantic vintage is part of your décor, why not use some of the lace from her sleeves or hem to embellish your centerpieces? Alternatively, you can wrap vases, glass bottles, jars or candles by simply using a glue gun and your imagination.

For display only

If you (or your mom or grandmother) just can’t accept the idea taking a pair of scissors to an heirloom gown, there are still options to use the dress. An easy solution is to simply borrow a mannequin or dress forms (or make your own) and display the dress as part of your décor. This can be an especially good thing to do if your mother-in-law’s dress is still around. Include some black and white wedding photos of your loved ones for a lovely trip down memory lane.

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