Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect as well as perfectly memorable. Afterall, this is an event most women have dreamed of since they were little girls playing dress up — they want the real mccoy to live up to the fantasy. According to wedding blogger Meredith Bodgas, with just a few special tweaks, it can. She asserts that there are some key elements you can build into your ceremony to make it one of the great ones.

Here’s what Bodgas says in the opening paragraph of her informative blog post “10 Things the Best Wedding Ceremonies Have in Common.”

I was fortunate enough to go to a fabulous wedding the other day (congrats and mazel, Lauren and Jon!), and even though the music was pumping, the setting was top-notch, and the food was flawless, it’s their ceremony that’s stuck with me. I realized as different as it was from every other of the 22 I’ve attended (yes, I counted), the most enjoyable ones shared some key characteristics.

Bodgas goes on to list these critical attributes — the first three of which are: “They’re personal,” “They’re inclusive” and “They’re interactive” — and she details how they were implemented at some of the best wedding ceremonies she’s attended over the years.

To check out the full list, click HERE. Decide which will match and enhance the vision you have for your own unforgettable wedding ceremony then figure out how you want to incorporate them.

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