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There is nothing worse than purchasing a dress in advance only to feel like it has become less than flattering by the time you need to wear it. This is a common issue for bridesmaids since a lot of time can pass between purchasing a dress and wearing it on the big day. Brides, give your ladies some wiggle room (literally!) and opt for strategically placed texturing in the bridesmaid dresses to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and gorgeous.

New York Bride & Co. has dedicated bridal consultants on hand to help you decide which fabrics and cuts will deliver the most flattering silhouettes for your entire bridal party.

“Anything with ruching can be very forgiving, regardless of your shape or height,” advises Hall. “It also helps to add support and gives the dress more structure.” In particular, look for dresses that are ruched in an asymmetrical pattern — for instance gathered on one side of the dress. “That pattern brings the eyes up to the face and creates a vertical shape to the gown,” says Hall. More details at Brides.com

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Ruching Rocks

Even the most well-planned wedding can still leave some members of your bridal party dealing with body image issues. Save yourself the drama and shop accordingly from the start. As noted, strategically placed ruching adds texture and camouflage wherever you prefer. Pleats, fabric knots and layers can achieve dramatic results as well. Incorporating texture into your gowns can provide some flattering freedom when you need it the most. The D’Zage dress on the left offers an abundance of ruching to captivate and conceal. NYB&Co. features an exquisite selection of designers whose gowns let your bridesmaids radiate beauty and confidence.

Don’t Underestimate a Bow or Knot

It’s too simple to say ahead of time that “bows are too girly” or “look too gaudy” or whatever reason and refuse to try on dresses with these details. If you do, you are quite likely to miss out on a delightful dress. Encourage your bridesmaids to have an open mind ahead of time. Judging a bridesmaid dress or wedding gown on the hanger does everyone an injustice. Be bold, be free and expand your horizons. After all, you will never really know unless you step out of your comfort zone and try.

It’s AMAZING how front knot detailing on dresses and tops flatters most body types, especially curvy hourglass, apple and pear shaped lasses. Pop this detailing into a substantial fabric that drapes and the flattering effects are even more effective.

Here’s why it works:

V-necklines are elongating for short and regular length necks and work wonders for petites and well endowed ladies.

The volume that’s created  by the ruching below the knot camouflages the extra bits on the mid riff and hips by allowing the fabric to float away from the body. This is especially effective in patterned fabrications and combats muffin top new york bride syracuse sottero midgley wedding dress bridal salon bridesmaid dress accessoriesperfectly.

The vertical integrity of the ruching is slimming.

The placement of the knot right under the bust line accentuates the smallest part of the torso.

Shoulder ruching does an incredibly good job of defining the shoulder line, thereby strengthening the line of narrow shoulders and softening a strong shoulder line.

It captures the best qualities of an empire cut. Empire cuts are seldom cut long enough to accommodate a larger bosom, but this style gives the bust a roomy, yet sleek fit. Read more at You Look Fab

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