The wedding venue can influence your dress

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. This is an exceptionally exciting and memorable event to organize. Making sure that every detail corresponds and connects is part of the fun. Wedding gown shopping can be a major component of the process. With so many dress styles to choose from, how do you make sure that you find the right gown for your big day? Many brides discover that once they decide on the venue, wedding dress shopping becomes much easier. It is important to ensure that your dress is appropriate for both your wedding location and the [...]

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Tips to personalize your wedding ceremony

Wearing the perfect wedding dress and throwing a wedding celebration that will reflect your individuality and have everyone recalling it fondly for years are two of the main goals every bride strives for. The first wish can be fulfilled by visiting New York Bride, where you’re sure to find the designer wedding dress of your dreams. The good news is that the second desire can be achieved as extravagantly or as DIY as you like, so it’s fairly simple too! All you need is a little inspiration. So, sit down with your fiance, lock down your [...]

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Make some dress shopping decisions beforehand

Wedding dress shopping can overwhelm even the most organized bride. One almost needs a fashion degree to try and keep track of the cut, fabric options and silhouettes available. Fantasy shopping starts out innocently enough -- bookmark this designer website, sticky-note these catalogues, save images on your phone. Suddenly, there is an avalanche of gorgeousness taking over your every waking moment. You have to take a deep breath and stop the chaos. Make some dress shopping decision beforehand While it can be tempting to make your first bridal salon visit within days (or even hours!) [...]

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The latest trends in wedding hairstyles

If a woman’s hair truly is her crowning glory, then her wedding day is the perfect time to regally wear a stunning new style. The key is preparing in advance. Experiment with different methods until you find the one that will work perfectly with your wedding dress and completes your overall, head-to-toe look on your big day. Check out the latest trends in wedding hairstyles to see what inspires you, then share your thoughts with your wedding stylist. Feminine plaits. Romantic braids can be gorgeous on any bride. Opting for a natural woven crown coil [...]

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What about the undergarments for your wedding dress?

One thing that ladies often forget to account for when they’re shopping for the perfect wedding dress is how it will work with the foundation garments they’ll be wearing on the big day. This is something to consider for both the look of your dress (can anything be seen? is there a visible outline?) as well as the fit. To help you get the upper hand on your under things, New York Bride found this list of 10 tips that will give you a leg up (or should that be a leg in...a bustline up?) [...]

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What are the best wedding day make-up tips?

You want to look your very best on your special day. You’ve already chosen a beautiful wedding dress from New York Bride. While you were there you found the perfect matching wedding accessories. Your hairstyle is settled and your nails are too. The only left to do is figure out your make-up. The folks at Marie Claire have compiled some excellent make-up tips to help with that. They have a list of 10 do’s and 10 don’ts that every bride needs to consider when planning her make-up colors and application techniques. Here are two tips [...]

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Where can I find help with wedding planning?

  You may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions that are required to pull off your wedding day. It’s certainly understandable. We’re talking about planning every detail of two major events: the ceremony and the reception. And then there’s the added pressure to be perfect that you put on yourself -- everything has to go off without a hitch when you’re getting hitched. No wonder you feel stressed! The good folks at Martha Stewart Weddings have stepped up to help brides everywhere with a full page of tips for planning the big [...]

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A Perfect Syracuse Bridal Show — this Sunday, Jan. 26

Come join us this Sunday, Jan. 26, for “A Perfect Syracuse Bridal Show.” From Noon-5:00pm, The Oncenter will host Syracuse’s largest and most elegant bridal show featuring more than 100 wedding vendors, including New York Bride. This is your chance to see, hear and taste what the top CNY bridal professionals can do to help you have your perfect Syracuse wedding. The afternoon will be filled with great food, fun and prizes. Plus, one lucky couple will win their dream wedding at this show -- a prize valued at over $20,000! The Oncenter is located [...]

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How can I enjoy my wedding day more?

New York Bride wants your wedding to be a low-stress success. To help with that, we make sure that finding the perfect wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses are a snap when you shop with us. Of course, garment shopping is just one part of the process. What about the rest of it? There are lots of other details to be dealt with. We totally understand this, which is why we’re always on the lookout for tips, tricks and life hacks to make your other wedding preparations go just as smoothly. Recently, we happened across a [...]

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A timetable for your wedding day tasks

If we asked: Has the run-up to your wedding day felt like everything has been set to fast-forward? We have no doubt you would respond with a resounding "Yes!" Life seems to move at double (triple?) speed when you're trying to pull together all the details of the ceremony, the reception and the honeymoon. It starts to feel like every day is getting shorter and shorter the closer you get to the finish line. We kind of hate to say it, but just wait -- the day of the wedding will feel like time is [...]

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