Ansonia Jewelry Ensembles Bring the Bridal Look Together

//Ansonia Jewelry Ensembles Bring the Bridal Look Together
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Ansonia Jewelry Ensembles Bring the Bridal Look Together

New York Bride & Co. takes pride in offering everything a bride and her entourage needs from head-to-toe. In our modern luxury salon you will find an expansive selection of wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and delightful accessories to complete your look. From belts to headpieces, from veils to garters, you will find a stunning array of wedding accessories in our shop. It’s easy to see why NYB&Co. is every bride’s leading one-stop bridal shop.

One of our favorite vendors is Ansonia. This exquisite designer has just launched its Spring 2017 line and we love it. The earring and necklace ensemble seen in our featured photo, style 8652 EN, is from Ansonia’s new collection. Here’s what they have to say about themselves.

The online catalog proudly announces our new line of Veils, Headpieces, and Jewelry Ensembles for the Spring season.

Our luxurious, yet affordable line includes designs that vary from elegant timeless pieces to the latest and hottest trends on the market.

Our spectacular veil selection has every choice from ornate hand-beaded cathedrals to simple one tier elbow length.

We make custom veils allowing the bride to create her own design.

In addition we proudly offer the largest selection of veils that are handmade in the USA.Additonal details at Ansonia Bridal

Looking Back on History and Jewelrynew york bride syracuse sottero midgley wedding dress bridal salon bridesmaid dress accessories

There is an interesting backstory related to wedding jewelry and the traditional pieces that brides wear on their big day. The age-old rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” has historical significance dating back to 19th Century English folklore. It is mainly for reasons of wedding rites, fertility, and good luck. And often, it is expressed in the form of gold adornments.

Today, wedding jewelry is usually focused on the rings that brides and grooms exchange during their vows. Way back in the 1500s, when a couple became engaged, the bride and groom would each wear one-half of an interlocking ring called a Gimmel ring. This would announce that they were to wed. At the wedding ceremony, the groom would bestow his bride with his half of the Gimmal ring as a symbol of being united. In fact, men did not start to wear wedding rings until the late 19th Century in the United States. It began as a marketing campaign, aimed at women, to encourage the symbolic act that men should wear the same symbol of attachment as their brides. During the Depression, only 15% of men wore wedding rings. By the post-World War II era, that number jumped to 80% and continues to be the case in the 21st Century. Interestingly, this is an American trend. Most countries around the world keep to the tradition of only the bride wearing a ring. Continue at Katie Scott Jewelry

Ansonia Accentuates Your Bridal Style

Adorning yourself has never been easier or more fun than when you stop in at New York Bride & Co. Jewelry ensembles can be a bride’s best friend — matching metals and crystals can create a cohesive look to compliment any gown. Buying a few new items that captivate provides the perfect backdrop to show off a beloved family heirloom piece. Blend your old with some new to seamlessly fashion a stunning look from New York Bride & Co.

Ansonia bridal veils encompass a broad variety of styles and lengths, from shoulder to 120″ Cathedral veils.

Recognized as the industry leader in veil design, Ansonia covers the gamut from simple cut edge veils to elaborate hand beaded designs and elegant embroideries. Ansonia offers so many different styles of veils that you may want to choose two for your special day; a Cathedral for the ceremony and an Elbow Length for the reception! Learn more at Bella Tiara

new york bride syracuse sottero midgley wedding dress bridal salon bridesmaid dress accessories

Bridesmaids Gifts Made Easy

Ansonia’s designs are beloved by all who lay eyes on them. So, why not treat your bridesmaids to a keepsake hair piece or glitzy bracelet? The gift options are as varied as your ladies and this vast collection covers everything they could want.

As you can see, the best and simplest way to ensure that your bridal party’s look is perfect from head to toe is to shop at New York Bride & Co. You are certain to find your dream wedding gown and more among our vast selection of designer dresses. With more than 15,000 square feet of modern luxury, over 20 dressing rooms and a full staff of bridal consultants available every day to assist you, we are the premier wedding shop in Syracuse and the surrounding area. We look forward to serving you soon.