Many brides to be feel that they have reached the summit once they secure the wedding gown of their dreams. It is exhilarating to have all of your wedding party complete their final fitting appointments. After all, months of preparation, budgeting and possibly dieting have all come together. While it can be tempting to simply hang your attire until the big day, you might be better off having a mini dress rehearsal ahead of time to ensure there are no unplanned surprises on your big day.

Break Your Shoes In

Trying on your dress with your shoes is one thing. Wearing said items and walking the length of your aisle and taking a few flights of stairs in for extra practice is important. Have your bridesmaids don their bridesmaid dresses and shoes in order to feel confident and comfortable.

Gliding Gracefully

Walk up and down stairs, back and forth in your hallway. All of this walking practice will be of good use on your wedding day when you have to move around quickly, without worrying about falling or feeling stiff in the dress of your dreams. Read more HERE.

Love Your Lingerie

It can be hard to take in how a strapless dress really looks when your leopard bra straps are sticking out, or how a curve-hugging gown would fit once your hips are smoothed. For your appointments, wear a nude thong and strapless bra, and bring Spanx. Read more HERE.

wedding dresses bridesmaid dresses wedding accessories syracuse new yorkIdeally, you will have your bridal attire chosen out and worn to your dress fittings. Ensure that your undergarments are invisible and comfortable ahead of time. You don’t want you or any of your bridesmaids to be rushing all over town for specialty wear at the last minute.

Jump, Twist, Dance and Bend

You won’t be standing stick still for much of the day. Posing for pictures is inevitable; however, so is hugging family and friends, dancing and possibly doing the Limbo depending on your reception.

Ensure that all angles are discretely covered if you have to bend down to hug the wee ones or catch your breath for a minute. Bending over in front of a mirror is always highly recommended to make sure you and your bridesmaids’ lingerie and undergarments are supportive at all times.

Accessory Inventory

The best way to see what kind of necklace, bracelet, or even earrings work well with your dress is to try on any and all options you have when your dress is on. Read more HERE.

Have all of your bridal jewelry and accessories together as part of your dress rehearsal with your bridesmaids. It is vital to see how cohesive everyone looks head-to-toe prior to pictures.

Bathroom Break

It can be yucky to think about taking your gorgeous new gown to the loo but realistically, this will be part of your wedding day and reception. Taking a trip to the bathroom ahead of time with your bridal party will determine if you need to appoint your bestie to help you with your bustle or hold your cathedral train over the bathroom door.

Knowing what tricks you may need to include ahead of time will keep your trips organized and efficient. You want to spend less time in the washroom and more time with your guests.

Making a dress rehearsal plan with your wedding party will give you plenty of peace of mind and allow you to stress less over the details.